"Your life has purpose. Your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. You were born to make an impact" 

Hey there,

Welcome to my online home. I strategically placed that quote above, that way that is one of the first things your eyes see and eventually your brain will catch on. I want you to read that quote one more time. Done?


Can I be real with you? There was a time I didn't believe that, worst yet I was not aware of it and I know you are in that same place. This is why JBS Inspires was birthed. JBS Inspires is an empowerment platform, inspiring and empowering girls to become whole, purposeful and clear about who they are. I know the struggle of not knowing who you are, not believing you are worth it and not believing in yourself. You've come to the right place. I want to help take you from where you are to the place God created you to be and some more. Learn more about me or work with me using buttons below.


The Blog

Flawed but Purposed Blog - www.jbsinspires.com

Flawed but Purposed Blog - www.jbsinspires.com