"Every failure, every disappointment, every discomfort has always led me to a better place. I was purposed for this."— JBS.



Thank you so much for visiting my home on the web. You're probably wondering who in the world is this girl? Honestly, I just want us all to win. I mean we run the world right? (we don't but you know what I mean #Girlpower). I am a personal development junkie and Jesus freak. I am currently residing with my awesome hubby in New Jersey and live by the principle - Your failures don't define you, your response does; dust yourself off, get up and go again. 

I grew up on the small Caribbean island of St.Vincent where a life altering incident changed the course of my life forever - in a good way. In 1998 I had an accident that left me with burn scars that affected me in every way possible; emotionally, spiritually and physically. It was then my journey of trying desperately to fit in began.

Thankfully that gradually changed in 2012 when I finally gave my life to Christ. I strongly believe that being a good and Godly example is integral in today's society, especially for young women who are negatively impacted by their surroundings on a daily basis. And I'm really here to say YOU WERENT MADE TO FIT! We were fearfully and wonderfully made, unique and in His image. So don't ever let anyone tell you you're just regular. 

For most of my adolescent and teen years I was just fitting and existing. Not sure where I was going. Wherever the wind blew there you'd find me. I've had to overcome a lot as a young woman: fear, low self esteem, unworthiness and tons of other insecurities. I know what it's like to be in this place and then to get out of those places. I want to help you bust out. So that you would be empowered and inspired to become the best versions of yourself, embrace YOU, birth dreams and visions; find where you fit and be everything God has called you to be.

I've arrived at purpose and need you to find your way too. 

I am now the owner/content creator of JBSInspires, a platform and community for girls who were not meant to fit in. They are queens, go-getters and daughters of the King. I want to see a society filled with purposeful, identity driven and ambitious girls. Do you know the kind of women they would make?! Powerful, bold, world changing women.

I am a living testimony that no matter what life throws at you, you can survive. You don't have to try to fit to survive. You can just be you and thrive. 

Before you go do me a favor? Join the community, grab a copy of my e-guide and shoot me an email. Let's connect.




Jamelia Blackman-Sonny is a mentor, coach, personal development junkie and face behind JBS Inspires. JBS Inspires is an empowerment platform birthed from a need to cultivate more purposeful, whole and identity-driven young women. She has combined her unique experiences, passion and interest to serve and walk out her purpose. She writes inspirational content on blog, ebooks and as guest writer on other blogs and websites. Check out her article on Dear Purposeful Woman below.

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