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#Purposedforthis: My Story - Purposed For This Series

This post is coming later than anticipated but better late than never right?

As I sit here reflecting and still "visioneering" for the year I thought why not begin with my story (that is obviously still being written and there is more to share) but wanted to point out a changing point in my life.  A few months before 2016 wrapped up I started to write my personal vision on paper after a word from the Lord. I prayed and thought long and hard about what God would have me do in the coming year and sure enough it became clear. I'll be focusing a lot on purpose in a series I'll be launching soon. It always pained me to see so many girls living life without purpose. Without purpose we have no idea who we are and who we were made to be. I spent so many years purposeless, just existing and doing life as the world told me to. 

Without purpose we have no idea who we are and who we were made to be

My goal and purpose of this blog and whatever I do online and off is to inspire you, encourage you and in turn equip you. 

But I wasn't always in this place of purpose. Let me explain..

I'll take you back to a time when life as I knew it took a turn.

I was only 8 years old when I succumbed to the voice of the enemy and today I have the scars to prove it (Tip #1: Be obedient) no seriously. Listen. I remember vividly the flames that covered my entire backyard days after being warned not to play with fire. Before I knew it I was being rushed to the hospital with third degree burns. There are consequences for every sin and every time we choose to disobey. Even today I am still bearing consequences with that one disobedient act. My mother warned me. Just like God warns his children.

Let's rewind a couple years. 

A few years before that I had a dream about Christ. At the time I was only about 6 or 7 years old attending church and Sunday school because it was just what we did. I had no relationship and no I didn't love church. But I had a dream that he came back  for his people and I had to journey to get to where he was. In the dream I remember seeing him rested on a cloud and people looking on in awe, some making their way towards him - I was one of them. I left my house, ran down a hill, had to cross over a small brook (water) as I got closer. The light from the sky got brighter and brighter. I skipped over the brook and kept on. I Made my way up a hill and I remember pointing and saying that's Jesus. My dream ended. 

That dream I realized later signified my journey to him

Anyhow, I spent months in the hospital. And while my burns healed overtime other parts of me were already damaged namely: my self esteem, my worldview and relationships. By the time I was discharged I felt like a totally different person. I started school again but it was never the same. People looked at me differently, I was scorned by other children at school and just felt out of place. The story was just beginning. I started travelling overseas for countless surgeries year after year. I guess the goal was to sort of remove the scars to make me look "normal" again. But they were trying to mend something that was already broken from within... and that friends is the most difficult wound to heal. The one that's inside that no one can see but God. 

I just wanted to fit. To be normal; to feel normal. But I didnt..

So I did the whole primary school thing. Made it to High School and there again I wanted even more to fit. I partied, I did everything I knew as normal because I was in High School. But have you ever tried so hard to fit and for some reason you just can't seem to; there's a nagging feeling deep inside. I just didn't know what it was. 

That went on for a few years. I had no idea who I was and whose I was. I was just existing.

Fast forward to 2012 when I took the step to reconcile my love with the Lord. I was baptized in the name of the father, the spirit and the son and it has been a journey since then but such a rewarding one. My story could go on and on but I said all that to say I could have been dead at 8 years old, I could have been so far gone because of my mindset and how I saw life: low self esteem, no confidence BUT GOD saw me differently and pulled me from the trenches. Remember he knew you before he formed you in the womb and set you apart!

Let's be real for a minute: Even after coming to Christ I made mistakes and still struggled with my self esteem and my worth (more coming on this). But NOW I know who to run to, who gets the glory, who I should worship and who loves me more than anything. Your relationship with God will be the game changer. 

Your relationship with God will be the game changer


Everyone has a story. I believe we are all purposed for something. You weren't an accident. And no matter what your experiences were your life has value. Christ wants you to run to him, he wants you to succeed but most importantly he wants YOU- just you. 

So with that I say run to him, pursue your dreams and live an amazingly purpose driven life. I promise there's more coming that I pray will truly bless you and help you in your walk. 


With Love,

JBS - " You can be all He's called you to be"