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Don't make this silly mistake with your life + Mini bible study - Don't make this silly mistake with your life

Mistakes are a given in this life. Without a doubt you will make a gazillion of them. After all we are imperfect beings in an imperfect world. 

However I believe there are some avoidable mistakes. I say avoidable because we know the consequences that would follow before we even make the mistake. One of the best ways is to learn from the mistakes of others whether it's from a parent, an experience a friend had, blog posts like this one :) or a bible story - we can certainly learn how to handle life better and not run when it seems impossible or just downright too much. 

If you continue reading I will be highlighting this one silly mistake people make time and time again that I want you to avoid. Let's revisit a favorite bible story of mine: Jonah or you might know it as Jonah and the whale (the bible actually says a big fish though but let's continue). The Bible says that Jonah received a word from God to complete a certain task. He was to travel to Ninevah to warn the people because of their wicked way of living. Now Jonah thought the people of Ninevah weren't deserving of a warning from God or to be saved by God so he decided he was going to RUN and HIDE.



Are you running the other direction?

Are you running away from what God has been prompting you to do?

Are you playing small when he wants you to play BIG?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then my friend you might just be on a Jonah journey. 

It's time to begin walking in obedience. 

It’s time to begin walking in obedience


Time to fight back the fear, the dysfunction, the disobedient spirit, the insecurities and begin walking. 

Here's the amazing thing Jonah was granted a second chance but what if you never get that second chance? Just let that sink in.

Sometimes we run because the burden of the call is way too much. Too much responsibility for you. You'd rather do everything else that looks easier to you. 

I'm only applying the story of Jonah here because he ran. He didn't run because of the weight of the responsibility he ran because he didn't think the people of Ninevah deserved saving. But it reminded me of how much we run the other direction when God tries to get our attention. Here are a couple things that happens when you decide the other direction, away from your purpose or your call:

1. (Avoidable) Suffering: Jonah paid to board a boat heading to Tarshish and went to take a nap in the bottom of the boat. But God sent a huge storm at sea, the waves towering. The ship was about to break into pieces (Jonah 1:4-6 MSG). He later gets thrown off, into the belly of a big fish where it appears he has a near death experience. All because he decided to run. Oh the things we can avoid if decide to listen that first time.

2. Putting others in danger: The sailors on the ship were terrified, the Bible says, during the storm. They even called out in desperation to their gods. Do we think about the souls we are abandoning when we disobey God's call? The souls that are suffering and still living in sin? The nation that you could be impacting in your obedience to God's call? I'd say it's worth it to run toward your purpose than away. 

If he placed it in you, he will see you through so stop running


If you are on a Jonah Journey right now, turn back. I know the burden of taking up the call. It takes sacrifice, it takes dying to your ways and your desires, it takes everything that God has put in you. But that's the thing because he's placed it in you he will see you through when he sends you so stop running. Take up the mantle and run towards purpose. 

With Love,

JBS - " You can be all He's called you to be"