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5 Things I would tell my younger self

So May is finally here. It is the beginning of a new month signifying a fresh start. It is also the fifth month of the year that represents a lot of good things. In May most flowers are usually in full bloom, winter is long gone and the spring season is well underway. The number 5 also represents the grace and goodness of God and as I reflect and plan for the remainder of the year I am remembering when I was younger and what I wish I would've done differently to help myself bloom - check out my Instagram post on this.

We all come to a point in our lives where we have to make choices. Sometimes we make bad ones and other times good ones. However I believe having someone there with you to open up, be real and help you make even better choices, make wise choices, can be life changing; can help you bloom.

So here are some things that I believe every girl should know and certainly come close to mastering as it pertains to purpose and destiny. 


1. Accept your flaws

I am currently loving myself and still learning to accept everything that I thought was wrong with me but I was not always in this place. There was a time when I would look at myself and hate me. I hated my nose, my hair, my skin, my shape and the list goes on. But in the words of the great late singer Whitney Houston: Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all and it really is. 


2. Pay more attention to the things you're great at and not so great at

In other words pay more attention to your strengths and weaknesses. As youngsters we fall in love with certain things and we are great at them. For instance I loved drawing. I loved art. I loved creating but overtime, as I got older that changed. I had more responsibility and didn't think much of the gifts and talents I was given. Not realizing that these were given to me for a purpose: to be used and given back to God to glorify him. . I'd say keep doing the things you're great at and work on improving the weaknesses. Doing this would also help you to avoid choosing the wrong jobs, wrong schools, wrong course of study etc. 


3. Get a mentor or someone you can shadow

So just like I'm sharing with you right now with the hopes that it stirs up change in you or at least drives you to make better decisions you NEED someone who can help guide you when it comes to making any important decision in life. Whether it be a career adviser, close friend, teacher or someone you really trust find someone who have experienced the path you feel driven to take and just be open to learning everything you can Be a sponge - soak up everything. I would recommend doing this early. 


4. Your relationship with God comes before anything

I will always teach and preach this one. Your faith will pretty much pave the way for other things. As you grow in faith and relationship with Christ you will notice your world view and perspective changing. You will outgrow friends you thought you needed, places you thought you needed to be and your mindset will do a complete shift to thinking more like Him. You will begin to make wiser life choices. 


5. Trouble only comes to shape and make you better

This one will take a complete mind shift. A complete transformation in your perspective. The bible tells us that ' everything works together for our good" - that means the GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY. Every test and every trial, every pain and every disappointment. See it as a time of preparation for where God wants you to be.

There are many more I can add but these are the most important ones. What would you tell your younger self or younger woman in need of some guidance?

" You can be all He's called you to be"

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With Love,

JBS - " You can be all He's called you to be"