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5 Top IG pages you should be following- like now

The sound of my alarm woke me up at exactly 7am. I rolled over turned it off and then felt for my phone under my pillow or was it off to the side ? I couldn't remember. Not fully awake, I felt around a bit and immediately felt the shell casing of my iPhone. I unlocked, looked at the time and searched for my Instagram app...

I know you can relate.

According to a recent research from Barna research group, the influx of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc has reshaped the personal lives of millenials and younger generations; in particular affecting their faith and personal growth-- but in a good way for the purposes of this post. 

Not that church or bible scriptures are no longer important, in fact the Bible will always be the most important source for all things faith. However, with the constant flow of information and inspiration from their favorite preachers, teachers and bloggers, social media platforms are definitely a go to for quick inspiration, encouragement and a feeling of like-minded community.

β€œNearly six out of 10 practicing Christians (59%) say they search for spiritual content online, but it’s not only Christians doing this kind of surfing. Three out of 10 of all Millennials are too” - Barna Research

I don't know about you but countless times I caught myself grabbing my phone first thing in the morning and opening my Instagram app. {I'm working on it y'all but shocker ? Not really. Most millenials sleep with their phones close by and do this very same thing. What I love about some platforms is the way I am able to control the content I see on my feed. So if Instagram is the first app I open when I wake up, I personally either want to see something inspiring or encouraging. Especially given all the violence and not so inspiring news we hear or see daily.

With that said, there are so many Insta accounts that has empowered me, forced me to grow personally or inspired me and I could add a lot more but here are my top 5 and why I absolutely love them. 

1. @propelwomen - Propel Women is a nonprofit organization founded by the lovely Christine Caine celebrating every woman's passion, purpose and potential. There are quotes posted daily that challenges you to become your best self and walk in all God has called you to be. It literally propels you to move forward with passion, purpose and potential

2. @realtalkkim - As her name clearly states her insta account gives you all 'real talk'. This powerhouse who is a wife, pastor, author and entrepreneur, travels the world fulfilling her passion and purpose of loving people back to life. If you want it real and uncut then don't wait another minute. I promise you'd always be inspired and feel empowered to change by this powerhouse. You get the real deal. If you're not taught it at church you will surely learn it here

3. @savedinthecity - Saved in the City is a Christ-centered ministry for young adult women who seek to encourage and equip women to live a sold out life for God through life groups, social outings, and community outreach. Besides the pink, girly graphics and girlfriend community vibes from their Insta page their daily encouraging posts to trust God, become all He's called you to be and being consistent in your walk with God is absolutely needed

4. @lovethysistahs - Founded by Natrosha Miller, Love Thy Sistahs is a force in the online community. Daily inspiring the hearts of women and bringing together likeminded women of faith.  Literally everything posted on their Insta accounts keeps me saying things like "yass" and "amen" and "facts" ... you know its real good when the yasss comes out 

5. @dearpurposefulwoman - As a purpose pusher and purposeful woman myself Dear Purposeful Woman keeps me in check, inspires me and encourages me to keep on pushing. The community encourages women worldwide to flourish with purpose. Sidenote: I was a guest poster there: Check out the article here :)

These are only a few like I said of many faves. I'm certain you might have a few faves as well. You can add these to your list if they aren't already. Thank me later.


With love,

JBS - "You can be all He's called you to be"